Redcon1 Total War Black Ops Extreme Preworkout (20 Servings)

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Product Description

TOTAL WAR BLACK OPS is REDCON1’s most EXTREME pre workout, ever. It’s made for the elite performers. Those who want to go BEYOND their highest state for a strong pre workout. For those who want to go further, faster. Lift heavier. Unleash unrestrained strength, focus, and power.

TOTAL WAR BLACK OPS dials up many of TOTAL WAR’S original ingredients to give maximum energy, pumps and mind-muscle connection. It also includes a thermogenic complex to dial in your physique. TOTAL WAR BLACK OPS isn’t for the faint of heart. Its extreme pre workout formula is felt almost instantly and is sustained for the duration of your workout. There is nothing on the market like TOTAL WAR BLACK OPS.

*Product description may vary by flavor.


  • High Stimulant With 400mg Caffeine, Plus 150mg Dynamine® And 125mg Teacrine® To Enhance Effects Of Caffeine For An Extreme Pre Workout.
  • 10g Pump Matrix: 4g Nitrates & 6g Citrulline For Peak Nitric Oxide Production & Intense Pumps
  • Total War Black Ops Strong Pre Workout Features Thermogenic Complex To Sculpt Your Physique
  • Nootropics Including 300mg Alpha Gpc For Acute Focus, Mental Clarity And Advanced Mind-muscle Connection