CBDFX CBD Wax 300mg (Concentrated Dabs)

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Product Description

Our CBD Wax is made with filtered CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp plants and is designed specifically for dabbing. This high quality full spectrum CBD oil is rich in CBD, terpenes and amino acids that give you the best chance to experience the synergistic “entourage effect.” The CBDfx Dab Wax contains one gram of 30% CBD oil and 300mg of pure CBD. This ultra-potent CBD wax contains roughly 20 servings.


Does this product have a high CBD concentration level?

These raw dabs contain 300mg of full-spectrum CBD per gram of wax. That’s a fairly high concentration, which is why we recommend starting with a very small (rice-sized) amount until you know exactly how you react to dabbing CBD. This product absolutely would be considered to have a high CBD concentration, so start off slow!

Does this product come with a CBD wax dab pen?

This product is just the raw dabs (CBD wax) alone.

Is it OK to use CBD dab wax sublingually (under the tongue)?

Absolutely! If you prefer to use these raw CBD dabs under your tongue, simply start with a small (rice-sized) portion of wax. Allow the piece of CBD wax to rest under your tongue for about 90 seconds, and then swallow.

CBD Wax: A Natural Way To Experience Cannabidiol

Pure CBD hemp oil concentrate, in wax form. That’s what you’ll get with our Raw Dabs, one of the cleanest and purest CBD options out there. Simply add a tiny bit of wax to a dab pen and inhale all the goodness that comes with our organic wax CBD concentrate. Best of all, these natural raw dabs are totally safe to be ingested and taken orally, if you prefer. If you’re looking to buy concentrated CBD, you’ve got several options for consuming it. One of the most popular ways to consume CBD these days is through dabbing — heating raw wax concentrate and inhaling the vapors, causing nearly immediate absorption. Why is dabbing so popular? One of the reasons is that it’s so easy to see exactly what you’re putting into your body. When you buy CBD Wax – Raw Dabs from CBDfx, you’re actually getting CBD in its most natural form. It’s 1 gram of concentrated CBD rich hemp oil with essential amino acids and fatty acids and 300mg of pure CBD. That’s it. Whether you dab it or use it under your tongue, you can feel good about ordering CBD wax that’s organically and ethically sourced, with no harmful additives.


CBD rich hemp oil


Make sure that you have fully charged your favorite CBD dab pen (not included). Follow the manufacturer instructions on how to use your Dab pen. Apply a rice grain sized dab directly on to the coil and screw the dab pen back together. Now, simply click the button, inhale and feel the difference!


Our CBDfx raw dabs are nothing but pure organically grown hemp extract which makes them suitable for oral consumption. Absorbing CBD through your mouth and cheeks is a safe alternative to dabbing. For oral use, scoop out a small amount of wax and place it under your tongue. Hold it for at least 30 seconds before swallowing for ideal absorption. It’s recommended to start out with just a rice-grain sized portion.