CBD Hemp Capsules Pouch 200mg (8 Pills)

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Product Description

Not ready to commit to a full bottle of our CBD gel capsules? Maybe you need something a little more travel-friendly or you’re looking for an awesome gift? This 8-count pouch of CBD Pills by CBDfx contains 25mg of full-spectrum, organically grown CBD hemp oil per capsule. 200mg CBD total.



A perfect gift, first order, or travel-friendly supply at a low price! 8 capsules x 25mg of CBD per capsule = 200 mg of CBD per pouch.


You don’t need or aren’t ready for a full bottle of CBD gel capsules, and the 8 count pouch is the perfect size.


CBDfx’s CBD pills are the best CBD gel capsules on the market. When you buy CBD capsules from CBDfx, you get full-spectrum CBD, which provides the majority of compounds that naturally exist within the cannabis plant (unlike some other cheap CBD pills, which only feature a limited slice of what the hemp plant has to offer). This is all-natural CBD that comes from plants grown organically at our partner farms right here in the United States. Being organic means no harmful ingredients and no chemicals. On top of CBD, CBDfx capsules provide key fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins.


Follow label directions. Take 1-2 CBD capsules daily. (Many people start with one a day and adjust accordingly.) Some like to take it with food and some like to take it before bed. See what works best for you.


  • 200mg (8 capsules of 25mg each)
  • CBD oil gelatin capsules with organically-grown CBD
  • Made in the USA

I’ve never tried CBD. What can I expect?

Many people are trying CBD for the first time, and CBD capsules are a popular, convenient way to do it. That said, there’s no way to make a blanket statement about how CBD will affect you personally, as everyone responds differently to CBD… and everyone’s unique body chemistry is different.

I know there are lots of ways to get the benefit of CBD. Why should I try these CBD capsules?

Yes, there are many ways to consume CBD, including vape pens, tinctures, drinks and creams. But among them all, nothing is easier than taking these simple CBD pills with a defined 25mg per capsule.

Will these CBD pills help with my anxiety?

CBDfx does not make any claim regarding our CBD gel caps for anxiety or any other symptom.

Will CBDfx CBD capsules help me sleep better?

CBDfx cannot make any claims pertaining to our capsules and this topic. On the other hand, melatonin is a well known, safe and natural sleep promoting agent — and we’ve taken full advantage of that fact in our new CBD Melatonin Gummies!

I’ve got back pain. How much can CBD capsules help?

CBDfx does not make any claim, express or implied, that these are CBD gel caps for pain or any other medical symptom.

I don’t want to wait. Will my CBD pills arrive quickly?

CBDfx fans love the experience they get with CBDfx capsules, but they also love the fast and dependable customer service. We strive to get your package to you as quickly as possible!

What’s in the pouch?

8 capsules x 25mg of CBD per capsule = 200mg of CBD per pouch. A convenient amount for gifting, trial orders, travel, or other short-term purposes.


Full Spectrum CBD oil, Organic MCT oil


Take 1 – 2 CBD capsules per day, with or without food