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Bucked Up HEAT Hardcore Powder (30 Servings)

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Product Description

HEAT Hardcore Powder: the game-changing fat burner.

This potent fat burning supplement has been proven to increase thermogenesis and Carnitine production by up to 300%.* Carnitine works by tricking your body into using its fat stores for energy as well as providing serious sweat amplification when combined with exercise.*

Not only that, HEAT Hardcore also helps increase metabolic function, hormone health and energy.*

You can only achieve so much through diet and exercise. Equip yourself with HEAT Hardcore.

To forge a sword, you need to stoke the fire. Our bodies are the same. To craft your master physique, you need HEAT. Luckily, we’re masters in that department. To scorch stubborn fat, the fire needs to burn even when you aren’t in the gym. And stimulants alone won’t accomplish that. Here’s how HEAT Hardcore Powder can help you burn fat:

Increased metabolism and thermogenesis.* When the body has excess energy, it stores the energy away as fat in case of emergency. An accelerated metabolism burns through calories before they stow away in your gut.*

Hormone balance. Hormones dictate fat loss. Optimize your hormones and you’re already miles ahead of the competition.*

Mood & focus to function even on a calorie deficit. HEAT elevates your mood to keep you from emotional eating and provides the motivation to keep you at your best, both in the gym and the kitchen.*

Water shedding. Feeling bloated can be discouraging. HEAT helps you feel and look leaner by gently shedding water weight. *

HEAT Hardcore Powder is the fiery remix of our first fat burner, HEAT. Some changes were made for the powder form, like increasing the caffeine content from 100mg to 275mg. But many of the ingredients that made the pill formula so epic have stayed the same!


Same Key Ingredients (as pill form)


Increased to 275mg, this formula has nearly 3x as much power as the original HEAT.


Gamma-Butyrobetaine (GBB) has been shown to increase carnitine production by up to 300%. Carnitine works by transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be burned for energy.*


This highly bioavailable compound has been shown to greatly benefit; thyroid function, cortisol from stress and anxiety, and a healthy metabolism.*


To help support healthy hormone balance.*

Remix Key Ingredients (for powder form)


Increased dose, Uva Ursi works to help you shed water weight and reduce bloating.*


Increased dose, Dandelion Root is an ancient chinese herb that boosts energy, mood, motivation, and can accelerate fat loss when combined with exercise.*


A 100% natural & 100% soluble fiber sourced from Tapioca that has ZERO net carbs. FiberSmart™ contains up to 13% of your daily fiber. FiberSmart™ not only suppresses your appetite by expanding in your stomach, but buffers the uptake and release of caffeine; packing a potent 4 hours of clean, healthy energy without the crash and without the hunger.*

Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, mix one serving of HEAT Hardcore into your water. Sip throughout the day or shoot it down. The choice is yours! To avoid sleeplessness, do not take within six hours of intended sleep.

How to Stack


For those of you who train at night, or who are concerned about whether they’re adrenals hate them or not. (One serving 20-30 minutes prior to training)


Alternatively, if you’re the person that believes there’s no such thing as too many stimulants, go with our highest stim pre-workout. Bonus: Woke AF also boasts benefits in the area of metabolic function.* (One serving 20-30 minutes prior to training)


The perfect fat loss Branched Chain Amino Acid formula, RACKED helps muscle recovery as well as offers; sweat amplification and healthy metabolism promotion.* (One serving with water during your workout. Do not take at night as this will make you sweat)


Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a stim-free fat loss supplement that can inhibit weight gain from the start when combined with exercise, curb cravings, and break up stubborn fat cells so HEAT Hardcore can more easily roast them -- dead or alive.* (1-2 servings daily)


Full spectrum multivitamin for a healthy foundation.* (One serving daily)


If you’re as hardcore as we think you are, your fat loss journey likely gets reckless at times. This can lead to an immune system (the body’s armed defense) getting emaciated, to say the least. Help your immune system help you.* (One serving daily)