PewDiePie Supreme Hydration

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Sometimes you need that sweet, tart, lingonberry-infused nectar named after that oh-so-captivating King of Content we know and love as PewDiePie, but you don’t need to stay energized. MELLOW OUT, MY DUDES! Pewds and G FUEL have teamed up to bring you a caffeine-free version of the most RELEVANT flavor in the G FUEL lineup. Zero sugar, zero calories, zero caffeine, and more vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes than you can shake a stick at. But we’re honestly not sure why you’re shaking a stick in the first place. Put that thing down before you hurt someone.

Tastes Like: Lingonberry

  • 30 servings in every tub
  • 0 Everything - Hydration contains zero caffeine, zero sugar, and zero calories and is formulated for both Hydration & Recovery.
  • Electrolyte Enhanced - Essential minerals magnesium, potassium, and sodium provide support to nerve and muscle function that may be reduced through sweat. “Recovery” is the name of the game.
  • Immunity - To help support the immune system, Sparkling Hydration includes Zinc and Vitamin C.
  • Focus Amino Fortified - L-Tyronsine provides you with a unique edge and focus without the caffeine!
  • Vitamin-Fortified - Our Hydration formula contains the perfect combination of Vitamin D2, Vitamins A, C, E. Vitamins B6 and B12 to help support healthy ‘BIG BRAIN’ functionality.