Grandma's Apple Pie

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You’ve just had the most sumptuous meal imaginable. You can’t eat another bite! Your eyelids get heavy as you ponder taking a nap right there at the table – the squad will have to rack up those Team Deathmatch Ws without you tonight as you start to drift off to dreamland.

But there’s an aroma wafting your way from the kitchen that’s too enticing to ignore. A dessert so legendary, you’d go over the river and through the woods to get it. Yes, GRANDMA knows what’s up!

She arrives at the table with a tray and a gleam in her eye. “I tweaked the recipe,” she says with a wink. “This is just the FUEL you need!” You gaze in amazement as she slams a tub on the table. It’s G FUEL’s all-new GRANDMA’S APPLE PIE flavor!!! It’s an energizing twist on a time-honored tradition, filled with apple goodness that tastes like it’s fresh out of the oven!

Tastes like: Apple Pie

  • 40 servings in every tub
  • 0 Sugar - Unlike our “competitors” who rely on loads of sugar to provide you with a false sense of energy, we don’t – Which means zero “crash”.
  • 15 Calories
  • Energy Complex - Caffeine is a natural stimulant consumed worldwide. The primary benefit is that of cognitive function stimulation - Essentially giving your mind a “jump start” when it needs it most.
  • Focus Amino-Fortified - Our addition of a focus amino provides you with a unique edge that most other drinks on the market cannot.
  • Packed with Antioxidants - Just the right balance of antioxidants that work in tandem with our vitamin complex to promote healthy cell production.
  • Vitamin-Fortified - Our formula contains the perfect combination and subtle ratio of Vitamins C + E + B12 + B6